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The Tea Time Book Nook

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  2. So…I did a stupid thing.

    There I was just watching an episode of the Dresden Files on Netflix when I saw…it. Some form of flaky substance had decided to take up residence beneath my alt key. Naturally I tried my hardest to remove said substance but it was too far wedged and my fingers were just too big. 

    It was at this moment that I made the decided to just remove the key altogether and rid my keyboard of this alien invader. Off it came with a remarkably satisfying pop and I quickly snagged what turned out to be a rogue popcorn skin.

    "Hey," I thought to myself. "That wasn’t so hard! I might as well clean beneath my entire keyboard while I’m here." And the horrors began thus.

    Off popped one key after the other- each more satisfyingly than the last. Next thing I   know, I am looking down upon a very naked and very dirty laptop. I enthusiastically set upon the bits of food and grime within a sea of stray strands of hair. 30 minutes later the job was complete. Now to replace the displaced keys! If only it were that easy…

    Turns out that while popping keys off is decidedly entertaining, putting them back on is not. None of the keys wanted to return to their designated hubs! Very few now lay as they should. Four of them refused to go back on at all. The rest….well, let’s just say it is a far greater chore to type now…

    Ah, well, such is life!